Story Of The Banarsi Saree

Weaved with not just threads but also with emotions the #Banarsi #Saree is always a must-have for every girl’s closet. Dating back to the 14th century the #Banarsi #Saree had come to limelight with its sheer royalty and touch of Mughal aesthetics making it the ultimate combination of elegance and beauty. Starting with manual warp and weft by hands these sarees were crafted in the most elegant and precious ways which have further now developed into making by Handlooms and Powerlooms.
Banarsi Saree
Banarsi Saree
The #warp known as “taani” is the base of the saree made up of threads which parallel to each other and are wrapped around a thick hollow Cylinder either made up of wood or metal and the #weft known as “Bana” are the threads that move perpendicular to the warp and interlocks with warp giving birth to the cloth which we see. The zari which you see in the saree is wrapped around another hollow cylinder known as “Laccha” these threads lift up and hence cast the design of zaris of beautiful pattern on the saree.
With the advancement of technology and digitization we Banarasiya Brothers, having an experience of more than century are taking a step to move into the digital world to bring you finest #Banarsi #Sarees that are weaved in-house in our state of art manufacturing facilities to make you look #elegant and #beautiful. You can buy Banarsi Saree online with the comfort of being at your home through our website https://banarasiyabrothers.in and we are on Facebook as @BanarasiyaBrothers and you can also see us on Instagram @banarasiyabrothers
We embark our Journey with our heart and soul into not only giving you traditional #Banarsi #Saree but presenting you the unique variety and #craftsmanship of our master weavers to make you look #elegant and #beautiful.


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